Students of Irelands

YOU, our students, our tomorrow’s future are also being asked to pay an intolerable price for this failure, the failure of our Political System. Bad enough was the case that many of you could not avail of summer work at home and similar difficulties abroad to help subsidies your college fees and dues owed. For the incompetence of management at the Irish states highest level you will now have increased financial hardship imposed as you are expected to pay increases in university/college fees.

Under the auspicious of Democracy Now these fee increases to be rescinded altogether and if possible that all fees especially those that are in extreme financial difficulty should have them abolished.            Living under the negativity of financial hardship is no motivator for focused study and while standards are expected so too is balance as life is also for living to be enjoyed.                                                     Democracy-Now will support you.

Your parents were participants and many nonethless deceived in supporting this “Failed Political System” and may be reluctant in acknowledging this fact, this lie they supported for over 2 decades. They also may need your support in recognising this and that sometimes change is worth trying and to leave the old ways behind, help them to consider the way of democracy.

Real Democracy;