The need to reduce the cost of living remains central to our survival, not to increase it.


Political reform

Our Constitution is not fit for the purpose of where

we want to go and the future Ireland we want to build.

Universal Health Insurance


Reform Semi-states


Reduce TV licence fee by 50%

Share TV revenue with other stations

The delinquent banks have NAMA, the reckless bondholders have the EU but the ordinary individual

has nobody.

Introduce Private Hospital Corporate Tax to incentive growth


Property Tax No, Tax greed yes.

3rd property upward incremental TAX!

More properties you have greater the tax one pays.


Remove Tax on airport landing charges



NAMA should be abolished, it is the ULTIMATE QUANGO close it down.

Unlikely to close immediately so the first step is to expose the secrecy and hypocrisy surrounding its dealings.


No water charges


Bank debt is not sovereign debt

Separate Bank debt from Sovereign Debt and restructure Bank debt.

Stop punishing Irish citizens for the sins of reckless bond traders.


No property tax on the family home and 2nd



Renegotiate the EU/IMF deal.

Debt restructuring and solutions for special citizens



 Expertiese Recruit outside expertise with world financial knowledge